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Services Provided

Our attorneys have experience in a wide variety of litigation. Here is a sample of cases in which we have been involved during just the last year:

  • Defense of Banks in Foreclosure Suits
  • Defense of Corporations in Products Liability Cases
  • Personal Injury Defense and Prosecution
  • Defense and Prosecution of Insurance Disputes
  • FLSA Defense and Prosecution
  • Corporate/Business Dispute Defense and Prosecution
  • Construction Dispute Defense and Prosecution
  • Workers’ Compensation Defense
  • Defense of Co-Employee Actions
  • Defense and Prosecution of Real Estate Litigation
  • Probate Litigation
  • Title VII (Sexual Harassment) Defense
  • Evictions, Collections, and Subrogation Suits
  • Declaratory Judgment Actions
  • Domestication of Judgments

Our Philosophy

Experience. Skill. Integrity.

THE TRUTH is that while resolving cases as early as possible is quite often a great way to get the best value for our clients, sometimes it’s a good way to pay too much or get too little.

THE TRUTH is that while aggressive advocacy can sometimes drive a case’s value in the direction you want to drive it, it is also true that reckless aggression (usually perceived by opposing counsel as hostility) frequently leads to protracted litigation and less favorable settlement values.

At ZHSW, our philosophy for when a case should settle is very simple: at the moment its settlement value, in consideration anticipated costs and risks of litigation, is an amount more favorable than the case’s value at trial. We don’t believe, however, that there is any one method of accomplishing that goal.

Our objective in litigation is to create that moment, using whatever strategy is best suited the particular facts, law, and personalities involved, when such a resolution is possible and to seize it when it is.

From a client’s perspective, absolutely necessary to this goal are at least three things:

  1. Counsel with the experience to know the value of a case;
  2. Counsel with the skill to create the window to resolve a matter for an amount more favorable than its value including through the adverse party’s recognition of counsel’s experience and skill in trial; and
  3. Most importantly, Counsel with the integrity to honestly advise the client when it is time to resolve a matter (and when it really is not).

At Zeanah, Hust, Summerford, Williamson & Cox, L.L.C., we strive daily to meet these goals through dedication, hard work, and credibility among our peers.

Among the Clients we Represent in Litigation are:

  • Alabama Power Company
  • Construction Claims Management
  • Drummond Company
  • John Plott Company, Inc.
  • McAbee Construction, Inc.
  • Michelin North America, Inc.
  • NorthStar Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
  • People’s Trust Bank
  • Ryan Shirley, Inc.
  • The Westervelt Company (Gulf States)
  • Townsend Ford, BMW, Honda, etc.

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