Workers’ Compensation

Skilled attorneys protecting Tuscaloosa workers

Zeanah, Hust, Summerford, Williamson & Cox, L.L.C. has long maintained a practice in all aspects of worker’s compensation law. Each of the firm’s partners have extensive experience in defending worker’s compensation cases—Ms. Williamson is a former Chair of the Alabama State Bar’s Worker’s Compensation Committee and has spoken to various groups on this topic. Among the services provided are:

  • Evaluation of Claims
  • Litigation and Trial
  • Mediations
  • Appeals
  • Court Approval of Settlements
  • Preparation of Settlement Documents
  • Medicare and Social Security Related Issues (Including Medicare Set-Aside Agreements)
  • Pursuit of Subrogation of Worker’s Compensation Payments

Please contact Beverly Williamson about your Worker’s Compensation needs.

NOTE: The Firm regularly obtains court approval of Worker’s Compensation settlements in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding counties. If you need our services to obtain court approval of a settlement, please contact Ms. Williamson or her assistant, Tracy Stamps.

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